The Rayware Group

rayware 3rayware 1The Rayware Group began in 1975. A family owned business which has since grown into an international multimillion pound company, Rayware are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of housewares, supplying a wide range of kitchen, dining and cookware items to a great many reputable department stores, independent cook shops, gift shops and garden centres.

The company offer a large range of products ranging from cookware and bakeware to glassware and tableware and kitchen textiles. Their vast portfolio caters to all different types of customer and consumer. Their various brands offer a great range of styles and themesto suit any household.rayware 2

The much loved, well established brands now owned by The Rayware Group include Kilner, Arthur Wood, Price and Kensington, as well as the stylish Typhoon brand, best known for its cool looks and East meets West philosophy.

Over the years, Rayware’s goals have remained the same; well designed, quality products, at affordable prices and a wide variety of choice, reflecting emerging trends, with all their products being designed and developed within the UK.